I Wonder

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“I wonder… ” what joy comes from that question stem. It is through the search for the answers of these types of questions that we develop as humans. Who we are can be measured not only on what we know but on what we don’t know and most importantly on what we are tying to learn. It is such wonderings which have inspired me to complete 3 degrees. Each have inspired and encouraged me in the teaching profession. Yet none have quenched my thirst for answers. This blog is a rambling mess of my wonderings, inspired by study, life and teaching. As you read on I hope you too can wonder, ponder and reflect with me.


One thought on “I Wonder

  1. Wow EB, this look & feel is quite different to what I’ve seen so good on you for your uniqueness! I’m going to ‘look’ around now of course but before I do ‘point’ of edit (sorry) be sure to put an ‘s’ on ‘wondering’ in your last sentence please? Looking forward to the journey, I’m sure you know what I mean?!


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